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Hi! I'm Olivia Parks

My name is Olivia Parks, and i'm a professional home organizer eager to help you take back the space in your home!

Why Professional Organizing?

Since I was young, tidiness and organization have been second nature to me. I have always been drawn to roles involving children, families, and their living spaces from the moment I was able to work. While working as a nanny, I often tidied and organized my clients’ homes after the children had gone to bed.

Leveraging my passion for helping families and their homes, I, alongside my partner Aaron, launched My Professional Organizer Dallas in 2020. In just a few years, we’ve assisted hundreds of clients across the southeast in organizing, decluttering, and managing their moving processes. Our outstanding team of organizers plays a crucial role in ensuring our clients’ homes are organized and clutter-free!

Life Outside Organizing

Organizing and decluttering are a large part of my life, but they aren’t the only things! I spend most of my free time with my partner, Aaron, and my dog, Bentley. 

I enjoy pilates, being active, grocery shopping, traveling, and, most of all, being outside in the sun. 

Aaron Traub and Olivia
Olivia Parks & Aaron Traub