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We offer full service organizing services for all areas of the home!

Large Organized Walk in Closet

Organize Any Area of Your Home

Transform any room in your home into an orderly and functional space.

Decluttering Services in Frisco, TX

Declutter & Donate

Remove unwanted items and responsibly donate them to create a more organized and spacious home.

Packing Services Dallas Texas

Pack for a Move

Professionally pack your belongings for a seamless and stress-free moving experience.

Professional Packing and Unpacking Services in Dallas, TX

Unpack & Organize

Efficiently unpack and systematically organize your new home for a smooth transition.

Take Back the Space in Your Home!

Are you feeling overwhelmed by clutter in your home? It’s time to take back your space with the help of a professional organizer in Frisco, TX. Our organizing services focus on creating efficient and effective solutions for any area of the home.

Whether decluttering your garage, organizing your kitchen, optimizing your closet system, or packing for a move, we have personalized plans to help you achieve a clutter-free home.

Our Frisco-based professional organizers specialize in making your space more functional and enjoyable. Let us help you reclaim your living spaces with our proven, efficient methods and turn your home into a well-organized space.

Organized Utility Closet With Standing Shelving and Clear Labeled Bins

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"Olivia and Aaron were amazing! I’ve been trying to declutter and organize my closet for over a year. They were both very efficient with great suggestions. The before and after was everything I imagined and more. They also took all of my donations and donated them. Thank you so much! I would happily recommend their service."
Makenzie W.
"I have had the pleasure of working with Professional Organizer Dallas and highly recommend their services. They offer high-end, personalized organizing solutions tailored to your specific needs. Whether you need to organize, declutter, pack, or unpack, they deliver exceptional results. For a beautifully organized space, give them a call."
Christian P.
"Olivia and her team organized our staff work/supply room. The room was in complete disarray and was overwhelming for us to even walk into. She responded immediately to our call for help! Within a week, her team got to work and left us with a pristine, organized, functional supply room! With everything labeled, we have been able to easily maintain the system and keep inventory with a quick glance. I highly recommend!"
Mindy M.

Meet The My Professional Organizer Dallas Team!

With years of experience and hundreds of completed projects, our team of home organizing professionals can help with any space, whether a whole house, just a single room, or a master closet.

Our team of organizers in Dallas, TX, is passionate about helping clients take back the space in their Dallas area homes with strong organizational systems. We’re a woman owned business, 100% judgment-free, and here to help!

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